Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Vacation: Planning

The plan: Kevin and I have a new niece in our family and we wanted to be able to visit her before she was grown.  I still feel so badly we didn't see the twins for so long- we missed the newborn stage completely.  So Kevin and I decided we would go see our new niece ASAP.  Kevin was checking dates and found that flying in March or April is extremely expensive- I pointed out to him, that is prime spring break season, so a road trip was hatched.  We found a date that would work, and planned a trip.  I would still be in school, but I've been in school over visits before and can find the time for the work.

Unfortunately a road trip to Texas is a pretty long ordeal.  A long weekend to see the family is too short for the long amount of driving.  Since we were just down for Christmas, we decided to plan a secondary vacation as well and booked a cruise.  We've never booked a cruise on such short notice and final payment was due less than a week from when we booked.  We got it all paid for, booked parking online, I researched excursions on  and we were ready to go.

That's when I remembered I'd still be in school (something we had already discussed going into the vacation...)  Oops.  I emailed the professor (the class had not started) asking if we could work around it, or if I should drop the class, and she said we could work around it.  Whew!  Thankfully the cruise came back on Thursday, which gave me 1 day to finish up the work on the Friday (this is the last week of class.)  The week before the cruise was a slew of planning and homework.  I had to do all of Week 7's homework, and turn in every possible assignment I could early for Week 8.  Thankfully, there was no group work on Week 8, and my Week 7 group were early birds- since we left on vacation during Week 7, and I didn't really want to do much checking in.

And so, the trip began.

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