Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Vacation: Day 2 (April 12, 2012)

(Sorry no pictures today! There are some in the linked blogpost though.)

On the second day of our trip we started the morning with chores for Kevin.  His parents had asked him to tile a small area in front of their backdoor.  I suggested we take the kids (my SIL's kids stay with her parents for "daycare" each day she is at school or work) to the children's museum to keep them out of the way, but I don't know if the suggestion was misunderstood (that we do it later when Kevin could go?) or just ignored.  Either way, it worked out fine, because once told, the kids stayed out of the way. 

At some point, Nan had come over- and brought donuts :)  I didn't get to visit too much, as I was on kid duty.

So Kevin tiled, and I played.  C. and R. showed me their toys and we played music- LOUD.  C. likes to turn his music machine up HIGH, and I kept turning it down. The toy drum set we were playing on was loud enough, I didn't need the radio too!  Luckily it was a nice day so we went outside in the backyard.  They have spray bottles and we all sprayed each other.  R. (who is not quite 2) was really cute, as she couldn't get the strength to push the sprayer unless it was facing her!  We all got quite wet!  I was really impressed with C.  He is the only boy I've ever played with (he's 4.5) who didn't turn it into a gun!  I know he plays with guns (and lightsabers) so it was fantastic that we were able to have a water fight without it being a violent thing! 

Now that Kevin was done, we blocked off the tile area and played with play-doh until Jill stopped by from school.  Then we went out for my favorite lunch: Freebirds!

Unfortunately we were not able to stop by to see V. (the new baby) as her other grandmother was in town too, so we spent the rest of the afternoon at Kevin's parents, and then headed out in the early afternoon for our next event.

First, we stopped by our old high school and man has that place changed!  We visited an old teacher both Kevin and I had, and he told her about his PhD. (This was our chemistry teacher- without her, he probably wouldn't have gotten into chemistry- she was fabulous.)  Sadly, the theatre teacher was not there.

Then we made the treck up to Northcross mall (seriously Austin, you have too much traffic! It was only 3:30!) and met up with my Dad for a public skate.  I posted about that here:

After skating, we stopped by the Bernina store on Anderson lane and my Dad bought me a rolled hem foot.  Dad and Kevin also waited while I got a 5-minute demo on some machine, so I could get a free Craftsy class.  I have to tell you- I got a good deal on my machine.  This one was clearly lower end, not nearly the same function and no embroidery, and it costs the same as mine did.  Wow. 

Then we went over to The Hills to meet my Mom and went out for sushi.  The dinner was good, but the best part was the appetizer: Kobe Beef Gyoza with goat cheese and a blueberry sauce.  OMG- amazing.  I could have licked the plate.  Afterwards, we headed out for my Dad's favorite: frozen yogurt!

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