Sunday, April 1, 2012

A sewing day...

So today I decided to put off homework (I need to get ahead, since we will be on vacation the last week of class) and do a bit of sewing.

The main productive thing I did was get started on the next quit.  I cut all the squares while Kevin was in San Diego, but I was always too tired to ever do any sewing.  So now I have started just a bit of assembly.  I can't spend too much time on quilting though because I need to make my formal dress for the cruise.  I'm quite nervous about it- because I can't figure out how it is going to fit from the pattern pieces- so rather than try to alter, I'm just going to make it and see how it looks.  The fabric is not too expensive, so it will either be a dress or a lesson learned.

I also did a quick project.

 My skating coach turns 21 this weekend, so I got him a bottle of wine as a present.  The store had no wine gift bags, so I whipped up a bag real quick from some stash fabric.  I love the serger for super quick projects.  (I also love my Bernina's buttonholes.  I made a buttonhole to string the cord through, and it is perfect.)

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