Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another FMQ post

I actually did these designs before I did that Halloween wall hanging, I just never posted.

This one is based on Monster Teeth, but I chose to do curves instead of squares. I think they remind me of amoeba.

And this is the one I designed myself. I am happy with it, but I wish I hadn't chosen to make the heart in the center. Although I love the heart in the center, I don't like the line to get it there. I also need to work on keeping my lines parallel!!!!!!!

Here is a close up on the front.

Finally, something exciting happened this weekend. I'll post about it soon, but here is a hint. (This also shows off Kevin's amazing Macro tubes- this yellow fabric is the same as above, what an amazing close up...the weave of the fabric looks like it is loose, and it is NOT.)

Lastly, I start class tomorrow. I am taking two classes again, which pretty much takes up all my time when combined with work and skating. I won't be sewing much :( Though I definitely will be making time for it on weekends when I don't have big projects due!

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