Friday, August 26, 2011

First Applique

Last night I attended a class at my local quilt shoppe (Common Threads -I will note I almost refuse to shop there because of the extra "pe" on the end of shop, but they are really great, so I forgave them)
We did raw edge applique with this adorable Patrick Lose design.  (I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to learn to satin stitch, but it's such a cute project, and the raw edge is really good for it, that I'm okay with it.)  I learned how to use steam-a-seam (just like fusible interfacing, really) and then, it's covered with a thin layer of tulle and quilted down.
I also learned how to add a hanger holder in the back, so I will hang this in my office in October.  I love it so much!  I hope I can go back next month for another project.  And I'll probably get into applique at home too!
I'm looking to buy a new machine, and Kevin says to go ahead and just go fancy to avoid paying the "beginners tax".  But fancy machines are SO expensive.  I'm really conflicted on what to do...

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Brad & Kimber said...

I LOVE this!!! I would def just go fancy. They are expensive but you will use it so much! And I looked at machines awhile back and the cheap one really, really don't hold a candle to the expensive ones. I really think you should go for it!