Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pets on Quilts

Looking for my Dogs on Quilts Entry: Find it HERE.

So I've had a bit of insomnia tonight, and I can't sew when I'm tired.

So I surfed the web and found an online quilt show: Pets on Quilts. The show closed in just an hour from when I found it, so I didn't have time to search for the absolute perfect picture of Elsa "helping" but I entered her on R.'s quilt. (She's helped with almost all my quilts. I don't let her lay on baby quilts for non-family babies though, even if I do wash them.)

Go over and check out all the adorable pets! Elsa probably got entered too late for her picture to be seen by many- but I love the idea of an online quilt show!

I'm off to look at pictures!

The school session ended today- one class goes until Sunday, so I have a paper to write tomorrow than a week off! In that week, I hope to get at least ONE of the tops I've made quilted.

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