Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tonight's progress...

So I think I will have the whole math quilt done by the weekend, but I'm going to need more thread: spool number 1 (and a big one) is empty, and the only other one I had was a small one. I've done half, and have less than the amount of thread I used left. The math quilt tells me this means I don't have enough. (Though maybe if I rip out less? Of course, I already had to rip out tonight.)

I haven't tried the hearts yet, but do plan to do the converging heart pattern tomorrow. Tonight I tried two more designs based on Leah Day's designs (I promise I'm not a stalker! Seriously best FMQ resource ever).

The first design is based on Spiral Illusion. I love this design (one of my very favorites I think), but I've tried it before and keeping the second spiral straight is HARD. So I cheated a little and changed it. I call my design "Double Spiral". It has the base of a square spiral, and then from the middle I come back out with a round spiral. I'm getting better at straight lines- I found out that if I space them the size of my foot I can use the spring as a guide. Very nice short cut.

(Funny- I left a comment on her blog, after skimming the comments there. Then I read them again and realized the comment right before mine actually says they did the same thing as I did here. Guess my idea wasn't too original.)

I also tried my first stem centered design: Leaf Vein.
I kind of forgot to tilt them upward. I like how it looks, but it doesn't look like its inspiration.

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