Monday, August 22, 2011

More free motion quilting

So just a few days ago, Leah Day blogged this design Channel Weave and I love it! The problem is: I am really really bad at straight lines (the design is rated "intermediate" and yesterday I failed massively at one that was "beginner"). So I decided to come up with my own design based on it. I named this design Stalagmite/Stalactite, because, well that's what I think it looks like! It reminds me of the caves we used to go into when I was a kid. (Before I was scared of everything...not sure I could do that anymore, even the big ones like Carlsbad.)

Well, the drawing looks really good.

I think the back is a little wonky, but Kevin thinks it looks okay. (He's looking at the design, I'm looking at the stitches.)

The problem is the front. The design just doesn't go well on the block I put it on. The block is in thirds, the design in sixths, so you'd think it would work, but it just gets lost on the pink parts. The blue stalagmite (swoops) looks nice, and you can even see the stalatictes (the wavy lines) on the sides, but then in the pink you just can't see what is happening at all.

Still, this quilt is all about practice, and I think this design is better than the one I had there that I ripped out.

Also, I am incapable of taking a good picture on my phone. I need to stop being lazy and start using the camera.

In other news, my first nephew just had his first day of school today. I talked to him about it for about 30 seconds before he lost attention on the phone. From what I know, it was "good", he sits at a table, not a desk, and he liked eating in the cafeteria (but his Mom packed his lunch, however my sister told me that part, he ran off before he answered the question. Phone skills still need a bit of work!)


Kristen said...

I've got that pink fabric!
Good effort, your efforts encourage me for when I'm ready for free motion.

Skittl1321 said...

I actually think I'm doing pretty well for a beginner. The fact that I'm willing to show the back at all is pretty amazing in my opinion. I am ripping out some of them though when the back is really bad. It's easy to make the front look good, but I don't know how to ensure the back is good. It seems to be luck!