Thursday, August 11, 2011

What does 3 pounds of quilting fabric look like?

Well, I don't know because shorted me the weight. LOL!
But the 2 pounds 13 ounces I got sure is pretty!

In my last order of backing fabric, I also threw in an assortment.

Joking about the weight shortage aside- I think the majority of the fabric I got is fantastic. There is actually only one I am displeased with- and it is extreme displeasure. But overall, a great assortment.

I estimated the amounts of each fabric and then looked them up on to see if I could get an idea of the prices. Most are not available anymore (a few were) but other things from their line were still available.

First, my favorite: The Girl Scout Fabric!!! I got 1.5 yards of this. It is Robert Kaufman fabric, and originally cost $8.98/yd, right now other fabrics from this line are $4.49.
Next up, I love the giant flowers. This is "Large Modern Floral" by Michael Miller. It is still available for $8.98/yd. I got 1/2 a yard of it.
Then, I love the Beige/Blue Fabric. This is from the More Antique Treasures line and other fabrics in the line are $5.98/yd. I got 1 yd.
I also love the aprons. They are part of the What's Cooking by Dan Morris line, other fabrics in the line are $7.98/yd. I got 1 yd.
The Tiger is by Timeless Treasures. I couldn't find a price for it.
The first set of Animals is from the Alphabet Soup by Stella Blue line. Other fabrics in this line are $8.98/yd and I got 1 yd.
I also got another animal fabric and called playful pups by Benartex. Other fabrics in the line are $5.98/yd and I got 1 3/4 yds.
The fabrics that did not have anything on the selvage were the maroon plaid (1 yd) and blue plaid (1 yd) - these both feel more like napkins than quilting cotton, the star fabric (1 yd), and the Peach fabric ( 2 yds). The Peach fabric is the only one I don't like. It feels like Chiffon and is completely see through. This is NOT quilting cotton. I realize the fabric just said cotton remnants, but it is in the quilting section, so I feel like it is a reasonable assumption that it is quilting cotton!

Based on these estimates, I think I got 12 3/4 yds. That's $1.57/yd. If I take out the crap 2 yards I got, then it is still only $1.86/yd.
Just on what I found prices for, I got $50 worth of fabric, and then there are the ones I couldn't find prices for!

DEFINITELY a good way to build up a stash! I'll throw another one in an order in the future if I need to bump up to free shipping. I just wish they had a $10 bundle...
If you order a bundle- make sure to post what you get!

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SuzyQ01 said...

So, how much more of your yarn stash do you need to liquidate to make room for the growing fabric stash? LOL