Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feeling lost...

Here's a cute dog picture. You are getting the dog picture due to lack of content and because I'm sad and cute dogs make it better.

I got bad news yesterday. The Girl Scout council decided to offer the job to another candidate. I really cannot believe this as I was perfect for the job and had fantastic interviews. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise, because the pay was low, the hours long, and the job was based in Cedar Rapids. But it was a job that I really wanted. I want to do non-profit work and make a difference. I don't have much chance of getting a teaching job for next year (A&M still hasn't sent me back my paperwork for the license!) but its looking more and more like I'll have an empty summer and will be substituting in the fall. I'm applying for a few more positions today but there are just so few full-time professional positions available. I'm not looking at part time work yet. I did put in my unemployment claim yesterday (*cries* that's something I never thought I'd do) but since I left with so much vacation, I don't think I'm eligible until July.

Yesterday I did get more knitting done that I thought I would. After having completed the outline of the freelance writing I'm doing (so 90% done- just have to type it in) I got an email to stop working because the client was revising specifications. We were supposed to get new specs by EOD yesterday, but the email never came. So I don't have that yet either. I am really really hopeful that I'll be able to use most of what I've already written!

I also got news of another freelance assignment, so I'm very excited about that. I haven't recieved the full information yet.

I went skating yesterday afternoon, but have decided that I will keep my skating posts at Skittles Skates

So today I need to:
- write at least one, hopefully two cover letters
- send those off
- 1 load of laundry
- clean the kitchen
- not be sad
- write if required, otherwise knit
- get out the fabric for mom's table runner and find matching fringe.

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Shanna said...

Cute pup pic! I'm sorry to hear about the Girl Scout job, but I'm sure something even more perfect for you will come up. And I'm sorry you are having a sad day! I wish I could come over and watch Passions for lunch... and I wish Passions was still on... :) *HUGS*