Friday, May 15, 2009

Physical Therapy

I'm frustrated with PT. Last week, I went in with no pain and the PT decided that we would do one last session then be done. This week, I went in with considerable amount of pain, he did massage and ionto, no exercise, and I have another appointment next week. And today, well especially overnight, my arm hurts worse. It's supposed to be getting better! In fact, it had already got better.

You get another dog picture today because I haven't taken a picture of much else. This is not today though, this is two days ago. Today she is mopey. Today is a rainy, rainy day. The dog is very mad at me because everytime I open the door it's still rainy and she wants me to open the door to a nice day. Yesterday was a nice day. Absolutely gorgeous. Of course, even though I don't work in an office it's moot that it's a nice day because I'm holed up in the basement doing freelance work. Today I have printed items to edit, so I could have done that outside, but nope. The weather had other plans.

Still no knitting pictures. I am not knitting much at all lately. Between my arm (which based on how it felt in Phoenix I don't think is caused by knitting), work, and it being a boring stockinette sock it's going really slowly. If I was doing a cool design it would probably be finished by now. I realized I still have the Zombie Socks (raverly link, sorry for those not on there) on the needles. One is completely done, but the other is still in the cuff ribbing. Those will definetly be what I pick up next. Possibly before I do the match to the sock I'm knitting right now.

I also got Wendy's "Socks From the Toe Up". I've only ever done one toe up sock, and it wasn't great, but I'm bound to try again. The book has very simple designs; the opposite of the Cookie A book. But I'm bound to try some. The book was expensive- so I need to do at least 4 to have it equate to buying actual patterns. :)

Since I'm not working right now I'm trying to be more helpful around the house. So far I think I'm doing okay. Most of the house is cleaner than usual (quite the feat since I'm home all day) and last night I made dinner that was ready pretty much as Kevin got home. I resigned up for the FlyLady emails (those do NOT work when you work full time) but I refuse to put my shoes on while I'm home. If an absolute true, don't have a second to find shoes emergency came up, I have no problems being in public without them. I wish she wouldn't send so much crap, but I like the reminders to stop and clean a bit, and the ideas of what to clean.

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Little Loves' Mama said...

I'm sorry that the therapist broke your arm again :( And I miss you! I hope to find a sitter so that I can meet y'all at HuHot on Monday. Scott is, naturally, out of town...

FlyLady made me insane. She might work wonders for many, but I don't think she ever worked full time with two kids and two dogs, nor that she married a pack-rat-piler kind of guy.