Monday, May 18, 2009


Tonight we went to HuHot to celebrate Brianna's summer in Mongolia. She leaves on Wednesday (and I have to remember to go let her dog out midday!) Brianna is the synchro team's coach.

Brianna is blogging her trip here. Of great interest to many of us who know her is what she will eat in Mongolia. Brianna is an RN who does not eat vegetables. I suppose the RN thing isn't really applicable, but it's still kind of interesting because of the health factor. And yet, Brianna seems to be very healthy without any major defiencies or scurvy or anything like that, so maybe the whole "eat your veggies" thing is a big myth.

One thing Brianna does apparently eat is s'mores. With a bit of encouragement from synchro team member Karen, they ordered the table top variety tonight at HuHot. I wasn't going to partake, having already chowed down on some Marshmallows (my new hey it's only $1 snack- a better deal than a candy bar) but with one left over and no one to eat it, I did what I could.

I was promised that I would recieve a "perfect" marshmallow. Brianna toasted it, and from what I could tell, she delivered on her promise. It was well toasted. The s'more, however, was far from perfect. Apparently the marshmallow didn't want to be on the inside and ended up getting scrapped across the top :)

It was a fun evening and we'll miss Brianna this summer! Hopefully by the time synchro starts up in the fall I'll have the means to skate with the team.

On the knitting front, I didn't get much done today- maybe 2 rows of Marlene. I'm on row 33 of 80 of the cuff so it's going to be awhile. Freelance work is keeping me very busy (the 6 hour per assignment estimate has turned into 20+ hours per assignment. If I was actually busy it would not be worth the flat rate, but since I'm not I'm keeping at it) so not much knitting happening. Unless something else comes up (what?) I'll likely post a picture tomorrow.


Ronni said...

2 rows is two rows. And work is work. Sometimes a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do. I hope you get a bit more knitting time today.

Shanna said...

YUM! I miss having s'mores every week in Brownie land...