Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First post. See how this goes...

I'm determined to keep a blog. I had a very active livejournal all through college, but it wasn't really a blog. It was much more an interactive way of keeping up with my friends. It seems like a blog is more a monologue - all about me.

The thing is most people who blog write a lot about their kids. I don't have kids! And I won't make my blog all about my dog. So what do I write about? I keep a skating journal, and I think for now that will stay separate but I might just migrate that over here. I knit, so I might write about that. And I'm currently looking for a job. Probably won't go into much detail of that, as professional and personal should stay seperate.

But for this week, I have a goal to write SOMETHING everyday. And maybe to add some pictures.

So today will be a to-do list.

- Fold Darks laundry (done)
- Dust bedroom (done)
- Write freelance assignment (working on it)
- Lunch with Aimee at noon
- LTS at 5:45

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