Sunday, May 31, 2009


When I went to Phoenix in the early spring, my mother gave me a shower curtain that she found that she wanted me to make into a table runner. I feel horrible for putting it off for so long, and completed it this week.

This thing was incredibly difficult to hem, since the fabric is so thick. My original idea was to fold the end to a point, but the thickness of the fabric made it difficult, so that's why I went with the fringe. I am very worried that it will be too short, as the table is 90" and this is a bit less than 80" even with the fringe. But my Mom said the height of the shower curtain was fine. She doesn't hang it over the end of the table, but scrunches it. I'm hoping she will be able to scrunch with the width of it, to preserve some of the length.

I have extra fabric, so I can make a second longer one, but it will have seams in it and I don't think that will look great, with the bulk of the fabric. So hopefully this is what she wants. I told her I would make napkins with the extra, but then I realized the fabric is a) a horrible pain to hem and b) dry clean only, so I'm having second thoughts.

I did a small amount of knitting on St. Moritz this weekend, but have no progress to show. First I knitted with the recommended size needles, but realized I was getting 7 st per inch, not 6. Over the body of the sweater this made a 4 inch difference, and that's a lot. So I ripped it out and started over with the proper gauge. Then I realized the sleeve looked like it was going to fit me. And I put it on, and other than being really really short, it would fit me.

I was very very torn on what to do with the sweater. Everyone says "knit it big- he'll grow into it" But what good is growing into a sweater when he is 6 if I give it to him when he is 2. By the time the width fits the length will be comically small. The sweater's chest is 28", after a lot of research, most sweaters have a 24" chest. So my "wrong" gauge actually makes it a lot more normal.

So I ripped it out again, and have started over. Now I'm praying it is not too small.

Also- I added buttons to the blog, so now you don't need to comment to voice an opinion. I think I did a "boring"- and I'll try to avoid topics that get that alot, an "interesting", a "funny", and a "hi" button. Hi is just a way to let me know you are reading. You know, if you wanna.

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