Monday, June 1, 2009

Lazy Monday

In knitting news: I cast(ed?) on for Sunshine, another Cookie A book pattern. Cookie A is without a doubt my favorite sock designer. Not only are all her socks gorgeous, they fit me :) We must have similar feet. For now, St. Moritz is sitting in time out where I decide if going back down to the tighter gauge was a good decision or not.

I met my friend Courtenay today for ice skating and shopping. We skated for about 30 minutes when my tendonitis in my right foot really started to bother me. It was likely because we were mostly doing laps, something I rarely do, and something that mimics walking more than other skating does. Walking does me in too. Anyhow, I hope the tendonitis isn't going to be a reaccuring thing, because I've been enjoying being pain free.

I goofed around and tried to do some figures- just circle eights on all 4 edges. HAHAHA. First off, after coming home I found out that the new tests require you only do 1 circle, and not retrace- so on my forward edges I'd likely be fine, on the backward edges I couldn't get enough speed and needed to toe tap down to push myself through the rest of the circle. When I tried to retrace though, I'd be spot on for just a little bit, then like 4 inches away from my tracing, then back on. I managed to always come back to the same center though :) But for anyone who hasn't done them FIGURES ARE HARD!

Before going skating I had a training meeting. This is the 2nd I've had (and the second company I've done freelance work for since I got laid off) if this is going to be a thing, I've got to find a speakerphone! Ouch my neck hurts, and it can't possibly be good for my shoulders to have to use them to hold the phone in place. I tried to you my hands, but it's hard to do that for that long.

Tomorrow is the EIFSC board meeting. I'm really debating if I should be a board member this year. Membership is due at the end of June- if I don't have a job, I'm not sure it makes sense to pay $75 for a club membership, especially since if I'm not taking lessons I definetly won't test- and that's really the only thing I need the membership for. But of course, if I'm not a member, I can't be on the board...

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