Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Plenty of Sunshine Today

I finished my "Ain't No Sunshine" socks. Thank goodness. While these are absolutely gorgeous, I don't think I'll wear them much. They represent an absolute hell of a month. I am glad they are done.

I emailed the company I am freelancing for and told them I would continue on the project but needed either more reasonable hours or better pay. The pay still isn't great, but it's better. The hours, remain crazy.

I am starting a sock now for Ravelry's SKA Knit-Along for Design Your Own. I had a really cool idea that is based in Cookie A's Kai-Mei socks; the gusset decreases don't have to be on both sides. So I'm going to try putting them right on top of the socks.

This means I have to do the entire cuff before I have any idea if my idea will work. But I'm really excited about it. I'm breaking out my favorite of the Wild Funnies yarn from my German shopping expedition. Will post more soon.

Detroit in 4 days!

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