Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Motown Tango Part 3: Island Dinner Dance

Motown Tango has been an ice dancing event for many many years- freestyle clinics were just added last year- with the spin and footwork seminar, and expanded this year to include two days of freestyle clinics. To help include the freestylers in the weekend festivities, we were invited to the Saturday night Island Dinner Dance.

This event started about 10 minutes after we were scheduled to get off the ice (and actually the bar opened before we got off the ice, since we were running late due to the gas leak!) As such, the dancers who had had a few hour break all look beautiful and smelled pretty nice :) Some freestylers went back to hotels, showered and changed, others (myself included) merely changed. Plenty of people were willing to sit next to me and talk with me- so I must have been okay :)

Coming into the event I was thinking "i'm a really picky eater, maybe a sort of pricy dinner isn't a good idea?" by the time we got up there I was so worn out, compltetely exhausted from jumping, and FAMINSHED I would have eaten anything! As is, I actually didn't eat the chicken. We had red potatoes, string beans, a lovely salad, rolls, and apple pie. The salad was very good- excellent ranch dressing I wish I had gotten more of that!

I sat with Susan and her friends from Rockford during dinner, and then switched tables to talk with Catherine and Patricia. There was dancing, and I danced a few times- mostly when people either made me (Paul forced me to go show off my white girl shuffle with a group that was dancing in a circle) or asked me (I did a swing dance to Thriller, with a nice man in the ice dance group.) Also did a bit of group salsa. Then I sat back and did a few rows of knitting. This was my weekend off, and I wanted to knit!

There were door prizes and I won a pair of Stink-eez something I have been needing for a VERY long time. They apparently work well, as when I opened my trunk after driving home from MI, it did NOT smell like feet. (I skate barefoot- so, you can imagine how that works out...)

I left fairly early- maybe 10:45, as I was just so worn out, and starting not to feel well. I was also worried about driving back to the hotel very late at night if I had stayed till 1:00. A well founded fear, as I took a wrong turn leaving the club and ended up in a not so nice neighborhood, which I realized very quickly and got turned back around without trouble. THEN I misread a sign getting to a highway, and got quite a bit more lost trying to find the highway- though this time in a nice area, so lost was more stressful than scary.

Kevin should not let me leave the state again without a GPS. (Future trips to and from the DSC rink where a breeze, however.)

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