Monday, June 22, 2009

Yarn take two.

This is the same yarn I posted the last time. To get rid of the white spots (which I hid in that photo) I dumped it into a bath of red kool aid. So now the yarn isn't pink, but reddish-pink. I'm very happy with it. You can still see some very light spots, but after carefully looking at them, I think it's safe to say they are LIGHT pink.

I reskeined this last night, which means that I took the skein I dyed and made it into a new skein that is a different size. That way the "chunks" of color don't group together, and instead the colors interact with each other. The photo isn't very true to color, it's a very light red, not orangey, but the interaction of the colors is pretty realistic.

I think I reached my goal of doing a semi-solid pretty well.

I'm finished with the gusset decreases of my Sunshine sock. Back to work now... but hopefully a more reasonable day, not 14 hours.


Anonymous said...

You know I was teasing you about the spotted yarn over the phone at the GS thing. I think having different colors like this makes the project more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Great Dye! I'm jealous of your wedged in time! That's something on my bucket list for this year and I haven't had a chance yet with LIFE happening around me. ;D