Saturday, June 13, 2009

Knitty Summer 2009

I'm almost done with my first Ain't No Sunshine. I did the whole thing on US 1.5s so my wrists are really hurting :( How big where these supposed to be? I'm getting 9.5 st/inch- way smaller than the pattern and even still, maybe the foot could be a bit smaller, but I'm mostly happy with the cuff (There is a weird pucker at the top of the heel... ) I like them a lot though, and though my Marlene socks had a small cable twist in them, this is probably the first real cable sock I've done.

The new knitty is out :)
One of my traditions from livejournal was to post my opinion about each pattern. I love looking at Knitty patterns but rarely make them- the only ones I've ever made have been socks. And when I used to knit in college I didn't make socks.

I'm not sure what I think of winter patterns in the summer. Will they put summer patterns in the winter issue?

So Summer 2009:

The Deadliest Crab:
Cute crab, would not knit this.

Diamond Halter
Pretty- maybe something I would wear when I was thin in high school or college. I wonder how much support the knit fabric would offer though, and I feel like it would sag a lot in the back when a halter is made at such a large gauge. (Obviously halters are generally knit fabrics- but super tight thread knit ones). The ribbing doesn't look very good on the model, so I doubt it would look great on most people.

This is one of those things I don't get. I've never seen anyone where anything like this. It's like a garment made for the sake of knitting a garment. I don't really like the stitch pattern.

Super cute. I need a girl to knit for.

Miss Honeychurch
I don't like the shaping of this one either. I feel like it would sag pretty badly.

Kingdom and Verdigris:
Very pretty- look like WAY too much effort.

first off- I think it's funny the URL is Trani. These are very pretty, and while I like fingerless mitts I don't get the point of these. Don't sleeves do this?

Um- these are just weird. WHY?
"These odd looking creations provide the warmth of a mitten, with the dexterity of a glove. Thus, getting out your keys, turning radio dials, pulling the break lever on your bike, and even answering your cell phone are all possible while your fingers are kept warm! Amazing!"
How do they have the dexterity of a glove? It seems like it would be so ackward to keep your fingers apart like that. And I do think mittens are a bit warmer than gloves, but seperating out your fingers kind of takes that away. (And isn't the arguement for toe socks that they are warmer than regular socks? Isn't that the opposite of the mitten/glove arguement?)

Morning Glory:

Cute- impractical for my lifestyle.

Treetop socks:
These are alright. I'm not a huge fan of the pattern, but it might be the color. I'll have to see what other people do with it. I don't think I'd make these.

Outside In:
I really like this, and I think it's a clever way to avoid a ton of purling (which I don't mind, but is kind of painful on my wrists with tiny needles). I'm not sure I'm crazy about the line of YO in the middle- too many holes for a sock maybe. But this one is going in my ravelry queue.

Mermaid Socks
I like these ones a lot. These also went into my rav queue, however, they remind me of Potomatus and I hated making those (but love how they look) so I might not get to them eventually.

Cold Mountain Stole:
Very pretty. When I get back to lacework this might be something I consider.

Entomology :
Love this one! I haven't tried beads yet, but they seem very popular lately.

Urbanista and Trilobite:
Nice enough, wouldn't make it.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the summer sweaters, especially Annette. I often look at sweaters like that and think that no one ever wears them. I do like the Treetop socks a lot, but I agree with you on the color. I'm going to put them in my Ravelry queue and see if I can come up with just the right color.

Linda Lee said...

I loved Miss Honeychurch--but you think it would sag so it must be so... Why do I like patterns that look good in pictures and won't work in real life? I'm just not destined to knit...