Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kettle Dying

I tried to do a semi-solid dye method yesterday. It didn't work the way I wanted. The first pot I didn't get ANY color on the underside at all- just the surface that I could immediatly see. Urgh.

I so I made up another pot and got about 75% coverage. Why are there so many white spots?

So I made up a third pot for immersion- this time there was no kettle dye method at all, I wanted full coverage. Grr- STILL white spots.

So now I'm trying to decide if I should keep it as is and just see how it knits up. I think it's going to be strings of 7-8 stitches though, so probably not that nicely. Maybe I should dunk it in some Kool-Aide to over dye it. Kool-Aid seems to have better coverage than the Wilton's dyes I've used.

I do really like the pink though. Pink is fun, and pink socks are very fun.

Finished the first brown sock... have done the ribing for the next one.

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