Sunday, June 7, 2009

No progress

Today was a day where nothing got done. I'm still ridiculously exhausted from not sleeping all week. Last night we went to the Robert Earl Keen festival at the Iowa City Arts festival. That was worth staying up late for (although, we were home by 11:00!!) It was a fantastic concert, though I must say REK needs to learn to enunciate a bit, some things were tough to understand, and Kevin and I knew many of the lyrics. He sang all my favorites (except Merry Christmas from the Family- but that's to be expected) and kept it fairly family friendly for someone who sings mostly about beer drinking. And I managed to experience something I never thought possible in Iowa- listening to someone make fun of Lubbock. I had a really great time, but it made me very homesick.

So back to today- I left open my work screen and got done today 1/3 of what I had to do on last Wednesday and Thursday, but that should get me a bit of a jumpstart on the week. I have 140 items due Thursday, for comparision last week I had 120 items in those two days (plus about 1 hour on Tuesday that I was able to work when I got the assignment). This week should involve much less lost sleep, if only I can sit down and be productive. Fortunately, this week is also a subject I'm less familiar with (so it's taking longer) but if I had this subject area first- I don't think I would have made it through last week in time. Additionally, I have an assignment with yet another company that I HAVE to get done by Wednesday- and that is writing, not just aligning. Writing requires much more creativity, and I'm having a bit of writers block as I've had so much exposure to items I think of a good idea, and realize someone else had it first. I just finished a month of lesson writing, so sometimes I'm the person who had it first- but you can't write the same thing for two companies.

I called about the job applications at ACT (for the Specialist positions) and they have them now (they didn't get them the first time). My former AVP called over to the hiring managers for me, so I'm hoping I at least get an interview. This is a high enough job, that even though it is hourly and would be a step down on the ladder it should be challenging enough to be interesting.

In knitting news- I'm about 2 rows further into my "Ain't No Sunshine" socks. Brown just seems a strange color to pick for these, but I think it looks pretty nice.

We are still dog sitting and I don't know how much this teeny 9 lb dog should be eating. He is used to at will feeding, and Elsa thinks that's a marvelous way to take his food, so we can't leave it down. He'll eat if I hand feed him, but if Elsa is outside (he is scared of outside unless we go with him) and we set it down, he'll eat ONE piece, and then stop. That surely isn't enough.

I need to go back to the "comically small portion diet" my weight is back on the rise. I refuse to be overweight again!

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