Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm a few days ahead on my writing assignments so I took this morning off to knit a bit on Marlene . (rav link) I don't know why this pattern takes so long- I have it memorized so I don't have to look at the chart (it's very intuitive- work the number of stitches same as the row, yo, work 4, decrease- work until next decrease (17 stitches on row 1, 2 less every other row) decrease, work 4, yo, work same number as row. Then purl, k,p,k,p to set up for the 2nd repeat of the round. It's the "same number as the row thing that makes it easy, and a decrease every round so they are hard to miss.
But actually- I do know what takes so long. 1x1 rib is SO boring. And as much as this looks like it's something else, it's not. It is really just 1x1 rib, just like Potomatus (Rav. link, sorry.) was. Cookie likes to hide incredible patterns in 1x1 rib to trick you into doing it. I'd never do a 1x1 rib sock otherwise.

I am so in love with the yarn. This is the one I dyed myself. I wish I knew how I got this result, because the colors are blending perfectly- the purple, pink, and just the tinest amount of blue. I'd never be able to duplicate it. It kind of reminds me of Dream in Color Smooshy- how it's solid, but not really.... There is more going on and it's perfect. Guess that's how I duplicate it- buy DIC!

I went around the yard to take pictures of flowers (since I missed the daffodils, and the rabbits ate all of our tulips already). Apparently nature agrees with my color scheme, as all the flowers are purple/pinks right now. (I have no idea what any of these flowers are, btw. All of our gardening is based on the previous owners and what continues to grow.) Click on any picture to see a larger image. That goes for pretty much the entire blog.

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