Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday...

So did you buy anything in the sales? said they were having a great sale, but it was a pretty big dud. Same with Fabric Mart. Good thing- as I have orders from both coming already!

We did buy some DVDs off Amazon. DVD watching is essential for us when we are cable-less. We got the first season of Arrested Development (thought about getting all 3, but we decided we'd rather have variety), the second season of Modern Family, the 5th season of the Flintstones and the 2nd season of Animaniacs. All for $50!

And Kevin's pajama pants are officially done! I had to hem them another two inches from this picture. I really don't like hemming, but I used my #10 edge stitch foot, and it made it it so perfect. Well, assuming I measured and pressed perfectly, the hem is perfect- haha. I basted the hem for Kevin to try on in the #11 needle position, then sewed it one position to the left, and the lines never crossed each other. I love that precision! So while the hem may not be perfectly even, it is perfectly even with my pressing.

Kevin is pretty happy with the pants. He doesn't gush about how wonderful they are and how marvelously talented I am like I think he should, but he seems to appreciate them. The fly worked on the second try- I think I followed the (incredibly confusing) directions wrong on the muslin, when I sewed the fly shut. I still think that the fly is too high- on his boxers, it is closer to the seam where the backs/fronts/sides meet. When I cut off 3" from the waist, I did move it down a little, but I didn't want to mess up the crotch curve, but now I just think the curve is too long.

(back view so you can see fit...sort of. These are clearly too long- this is with a 4" hem. This pattern is drafted for a high waisted giant.)

Oh well, he rarely wears pajama pants anyway- he sleeps in shorts because he gets too hot (which doesn't make sense as he is always complaining he is cold...) But for when he needs them, these are better than the pair from last year.

BTW- are you wondering how the change from the muslin went? This picture illustrates pretty well how WAY too high the waist was.

Do you think the fabric is too girly? We decided to call it "regal" but really, it's just fabric I had in my stash. Seemed using up what I had made more sense than buying new when it is just a pair of rarely to be worn pants. (Honestly though, I think they are awesome and he should wear them daily!)

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Michelle said...

I like his pajama pants, and if he likes them, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. They look great!