Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stress free weekend?

Oh man, I hate week 4 and 8!

You see, in every class, in Week 4 and Week 8 I have to write a self-assessment paper. I would much rather write a test. Or a paper about a topic of the class. But a paper about my own learning, so not something I like to do.

I have been putting it off ALL day. In fact, my general process for writing these is to sit and stare for about 5 hours, then spend 2-3 writing. Well, my sit and staring process has gone on for more than 5 hours now.

Fortunately, I have something great to stare at. The Grand Prix of Figure Skating is going on right now and while I got to watch a little bit of it yesterday at work, today, I watched a lot! I woke up at 6:30 this morning to watch the men's freeskate (a disaster), then missed the pairs while I went and skated myself (knee is bothering me, but it was good ice), then came home, determined to write, but watched ladies instead. I skipped the first group of dance, but watched the second. For the past four years, I haven't had an icenetwork subscription, but instead just read play-by-play posts on FSU. Now, for men's and ladies, I really like writing PBP. I'm so not good at calling jumps, especially when half asleep (I did much better later in the afternoon). I like to compare to the protocols to see how I did. I do better with clockwise jumpers too.

Only then did I write my paper. I now have everything but the introduction and the conclusion, but what am I doing? Watching America's Next Top Model...

I have no discipline! I need to get it done today, or else I won't get to quilt tomorrow. Weekends shouldn't be for homework.

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