Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why is Internet so expensive...

...and why do they insist on playing games with price.

Our bundle deal ran out so we canceled our cable and phone, but intended to keep the internet. The price quoted by mediacom was about $70. No way. Kevin called a few times to try to get some other deal (even if it meant we had to get cable) but no dice.
After the frustrating experience of trying to find century link's prices, we finally went with them (no additional phone required, like quest used to). Kevin calls mediacom and they offer us about the same as century little to late guys!

So now Kevin is trying to get our old modem to work. Thankfully I finished homework early, so if Kevin needs to mess up the internet he can.


SuzyQ01 said...

I also find this so frustrating...and crazy expensive! I was so fortunate that my former employer paid my Internet costs for 15 years, but it was quite a shock when I had to finally foot the bill myself after we moved. If you need a modem, I have an old Qwest modem just sitting here taking up space.

Jessim said...

Thanks Suzy, but we have a Quest modem.