Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5: Cool Embroidery Thing #2

This is an embroidered towel, but even more than that, it is an appliqued towel! The fish is made with super soft Minky fabric.

The embroidery machine can do applique, but I need better scissors to do it well. You do not precut the shape- the machine sews an outline of it, you place your fabric on top of the outline, the machine does another outline, and then you clip the fabric as close to that line as possible. You may be able to see some yellow past the outline stitching- that is because I did not clip enough. After clipping, you put it back into the machine, and it does all the embellishment.

This was a really cool technique. And if I can ever afford stabilizer, one I see myself using more in the future.

One website I found: has adorable alphabets and designs, so I will probably make some holiday towels as a Christmas present.

I need more thread!


SuzyQ01 said...

Okay, I see a Bernina sometime in my future...very far in the future but it's there!

Jessim said...

Well, to be fair, I think any embroidery machine could do this. I am very pleased with mine though. And it is not limited to the small size many of the other machines with embroidery I looked at.