Thursday, November 24, 2011


The first annual we have no friends game day has begun!  Unfortunately all of our friends have moved, or traveled out of town to visit family, and we cannot travel.this thanksgiving, so it is just Kevin and I today.  We are enjoying each others company, and are thankful for many things, though we miss our family and friends!

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Michelle said...

My family is disfunctional, and we haven't been a part of family functions for many, many years. Since Louie and I have spent many holidays by ourselves, we PREFER it that way. We can sew, be lazy, or do something together. With stores being closed, and limited places to go, it lets us be more relaxed. We love it!!! We had Cheddar Broccoli soup and Pillsbury Honey biscuits for lunch and Pumpkin Pie Cake with cool whip when our bellies relax a little bit! Have a wonderful day, view this as a positive thing, and not a bad thing. Hugs!