Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3: Cool Embroidery Thing #1

Apparently one of the things that can be done with my embroidery machine is free standing lace.

I actually didn't get to make this one in the class, but everyone with fancy machines did. Those of us with Aurora's that connect through laptops weren't able to. They uploaded the designs to our machines using a *gasp* non-Bernina USB stick. Oddly enough, it made a difference. The design would not transfer to our machines. Once they got a Bernina USB and retransfered, it worked fine, but this design takes about 40 minutes to stitch out, and there wasn't time left.

I made it as soon as I got home, and it worked perfectly.

I mentioned that I got some free Christmas collections, and I didn't take any of the lace ones. I didn't think it was something I'd want to do at all. However, now that I have my bookmark- I think this is SO COOL. I wish I had been able to stitch it at the class, I may have made different decisions for my freebies.

For those who have no idea how this is done, you use a water soluable stabilizer - 2 pieces for strength, there are A LOT of stitches in this, almost 20,000- and sew the design onto it. Then you wash it away and all you have left is the lace.

You can make three-dimensional things by joining together the lace (like Christmas ornaments) or use these to adorn clothes (like a lace applique on a skirt). This is a bookmark.

The yellow piece is some fabric that is sewn into the lace using the applique technique we learned. I actually don't like that part very much, but the bookmark is cool, and the Isacord thread is a beautiful color and sheen.

In other news, I got home yesterday and had a check in the mail from Bernina. Apparently my machine had a $100 rebate on it. So I take back all the mean things about yesterday being too expensive. Apparently, they covered it :)