Sunday, November 27, 2011

I love it!

Look what Kevin made me! A 90 spool thread rack! We worked out that with a coupon I might as well have bought it, but everytime I look at it I am going to smile because my husband made it for me.  It will be wall mounted because I have no space. I told him he should probably start another because I really hope to get embroidery thread for christmas, and have more quilting thread on the way.

What kind of thread do people use for garment.sewing? O mostly have dual duty, but the Bernina people tell you not to use it (I do anyway, at least until it is gone...)

Kevin's pajama pants turned out well, will post once I get a photo shoot, but he is busy cooking tonight.

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Michelle said...

Don't tell the Bernina people, but most of the thread I use for sewing quilts and mending, and everything is Serger thread from JoAnn's. Nothing has fallen apart yet!

Kevin did a wonderful job, and you need to have him sign and date it with a lead pencil on the back and bottom. My hubby has made me a few things and I smile each time I see them, and think of how he made it just for me!

Have a great week!